10 Best Oil Pressure Gauge – Find Out The Suitable One!

Lubrication is important for your engine. Whether your engine is well lubricated or not is seen by a pressure gauge. It is a necessary tool for your car. 

There are many oil pressure gauges with different models and features in the market. For a beginner, it will be hard to find which one will be perfect for their car. I have listed 10 oil pressure gauges, which I think are the best in the market. So, let’s see which ones are the best oil pressure gauge. 

Editor’s Pick- Oil Pressure Gauge

10 Best Oil Pressure Gauge – Tested & Reviewed 

1. ESUPPORT Car 2″ 52mm Digital Oil Press Pressure Gauge

ESUPPORT Car 2″ 52mm pressure gauge is an amazing tool for your car. The bright LED makes it clearly visible both day and night. Fast, accurate tracking keeps you informed about your oil pressure. 

It comes with a Pressure gauge and a pressure sensor. The data it gives is accurate and instant. All Over the pressure gauge gives you a smooth experience. It keeps you informed about your engine lubrication and helps avoiding accidents. I think it’s one of the best oil pressure gauge to fulfill all your requirements. 



Esupport oil pressure gauge comes with a smoke tint lens. Smoke tint lenses are great for outdoor visibility. Because of this feature, this pressure gauge can be seen clearly in daytime, shiny and bright days, cloudy days, and in the night time.


High-quality sensor makes the gauge accurate as well as fast. This gives valuable data in real-time. Moreover, the data given by this gauge are accurate. All over, the gauge allows you to have a track on your oil pressure all the time. 

LED Screen

Bright blue led light is clear all the time. Also, it shows reading in digital data. It is also programmable to cool and bright settings. So, on a sunny day or on a rainy day, it will be comfortable to watch. 


  • 52 mm diameter. 
  • NPT 1/8″ thread for mounting. 
  • Unit in PSI. 
  • Runs on 12 volts. 
  • Scale limit 0-120 PSI. 
  • Fast and accurate reading. 
  • High-quality sensor. 


  • Holds fingerprint marks. 

2. GlowShift 100 PSI Oil Pressure Gauge Kit

GlowShift oil pressure gauge is an all-in-one gauge with tons of features. It is smooth and accurate. Also, it comes with different color options and a backlit dial system. The low brightness features make it easy for the eyes to drive at night. 

Tinted screen magnifies the inner screen making your data reading easy and effortless. Also the contrast on the dial makes your experience very enjoyable. 



The gauge has a tinted lens. This magnifies the dial, and reading data becomes easy. The dial needle has a red led, and the values have a backlit. It is great to see on a sunny day or at night. 


The high-quality pressure sensor gives accurate data. On the other hand, the dial system is stepper motor controlled. Combining these two features, the gauge gives smooth and real data. 

Color Modes

This pressure gauge has 7 different colors. You can program it in your mood. Also, adjusting it with dash light settings is easy. It also has 2 different color modes. The nighttime dimming feature allows driving comfortably at nighttime. 


  • 52 mm diameter. 
  • Backlit dial system. 
  • Stepper motor-controlled dial. 
  • 7 different solid colors and 2 different color modes. 
  • 1/8 NPT thread for mounting. 
  • Reading scale 0-100 PSI. 
  • Nighttime dimming. 


  • Doesn’t give digital data. 

3. Actron SP0F000052 Bosch Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge

The Actron oil pressure gauge has a classic look to it. This mechanical pressure gauge gives you aesthetic looks as well as works very well. The internal backlight makes it easy to be seen in the dark. All over, it is a compact and efficient gauge. 

The mechanical gauge gives accurate results instantly. Moreover, the bezel and mounting panel makes you able to choose different styles. 



The gauge is a mechanical dial system. The dial is black and white. The needle is red in color. There is a contrast, and there is no problem seeing it. The backlight makes it easy to see in the dark. 


The accurate reading comes in real-time. A high-quality sensor feeds real-time data to the gauge. It helps to keep track of what is happening under there. 

Nylon Tubing

This gauge also comes with a high-temperature nylon tube. The tube is 72 inches long. That is long enough to go from your dashboard to the engine. It will not melt under high temperatures, so it gives you no worries about overheating. 

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  • 2-inch diameter. 
  • Reading unit PSI.
  • Pressure scale range 0-100 PSI. 
  • Removable black mounting panel. 
  • 72 inches high-temperature nylon tubing.
  • Accurate and smooth reading. 
  • Backlight to see in the dark. 


  • Doesn’t have a digital screen. 
  • Can’t change the backlight brightness. 

4. Equus 6244 2″ Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge

Equus mechanical oil pressure gauge comes with advanced features. It shows warnings of incorrect oil pressure, clogged oil. It also comes in different sizes, and it is very handy. Dual scale of the dial gives you reading in 2 units. The 90-degree sweep dial gives fast and accurate results. 



The face of the dial is black in color, and the values are painted white. The needle is red-colored. There is no problem in reading the data. Also, it has a backlight for nighttime watching. The white line shows in the PSI unit, and the yellow line shows in the KPa unit. 


The high-quality pressure sensor is very accurate. It gives legit data fast. The dial is also fast and has a 90-degree sweep. Besides being a mechanical dial, it shows accurate results keeping you informed of the pressure in your engine. 

Advance Warning

The gauge also gives warnings of incorrect pressure, low oil level, clogged filter, and restricted oil line. This makes this mechanical gauge highly useful as you can avoid accidents and maintain your engine oil level. 


  • 2.06 inches diameter. 
  • Shows both in PSI and KPa units. 
  • Reading Scale range 0-100 PSI. 
  • 90-degree sweep dial. 
  • Accurate and smooth reading.
  • Back light for nighttime. 
  • Shows advance warnings. 


  • Doesn’t show digital reading. 
  • Can’t set the brightness of the backlight. 

5. HOTSYSTEM Oil Pressure Gauge Kit

Hotsystem oil pressure gauge is a hybrid gauge. The main feature that makes it different from the rest of the gauge is it has a dial system and a digital screen. There are also 7 color modes for different circumstances. Easy installation makes it effortless to use and mount. It is also easy on the eyes driving at night. 



The gauge has a dial system. The pointer is illuminated red. The values have a backlight, so there is no problem seeing in the dark. The digital screen shows value directly. The brightness is good for both day and night. 


The Pressure sensor is accurate and premium. It is really easy to install and feeds the gauge with correct data. Quick, accurate data keeps you informed about the oil pressure in your engine. 

Different Color Modes

The gauge has 7 different solid colors. You can adjust to your mood and circumstances. It is easy on the eyes as well as efficient. The digital screen informs you with quick data and saves your full attention for driving. 


  • 52 mm diameter. 
  • Shows pressure in the PSI unit. 
  • Pressure Scale range 0-100 PSI. 
  • Has both dial system and digital Screen. 
  • High-quality pressure sensor gives an accurate reading. 
  • 7 different color modes. 
  • Quick installation. 


  • The readings are accurate at sea level. 

6. GlowShift Black Oil Pressure Gauge Kit

Glowshift black pressure gauge is a stylish and effective pressure gauge. This gives an accurate reading and helps to track your engine lubrication. 7 different solid colors and 2 different color modes fit perfectly in your dashboard. The 30% dimmer brightness feature helps to drive in the night. 

It comes with 1/8-27 NPT Pressure Sensor, 9′ Sensor Harness, 2′ Power Harness, Gauge Visor, Mounting Hardware & Installation Instructions. You will also have one year’s warranty and lifetime technical support. 



The gauge has a black dial and an illuminated needle. This makes the gauge perfectly visible. It is also bright enough to see on a sunny day. The wire to the headlight switch makes it dimmer, which allows you to drive at night freely. 


The accuracy of the sensor of this gauge is precise. It gives fast data and helps you track your engine oil. The needle moves smoothly. A high-quality sensor is built for long-lasting. 

Multiple Colors

The gauge comes in 7 different colors. This gives you a choice to choose your favorite color. There are also 2 different color modes. You can match your dashboard with aesthetic looks. 


  • 52 mm diameter. 
  • Black dial, illuminated needle, and clear lens. 
  • Shows reading in the PSI unit. 
  • Scale range 0-100. 
  • Fast and accurate reading. 
  • 7 solid colors and 2 color modes. 
  • 30% dimmer feature. 
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  • Doesn’t show reading digitally. 

7. Equus 8264 Electric Oil Pressure Gauge

Equus electric pressure gauge is simply looking. But it does its job nicely and effectively. It has a 90-degree sweep needle for fast reading. 4 different color modes fit perfectly in different circumstances. 

It has a dual dial. So, you will have data both in PSI and Kpa units. Aluminum bezel makes it lightweight and 90-degree sweep dial gives accurate and fast results. 



The sensors of this pressure gauge are of premium quality. They are precise and feed data to the gauge quickly. As a result, you can have a track of your engine oil pressure level instantly. The dial has a 90-degrees sweep, so it gives oil pressure change reading fast. 


The lens is clear. The face of the dial is white in color, and the values are black. The needle is red illuminated. There is no problem seeing the readings as there is enough contrast. The 4 different colors are perfect for both nighttime and daytime. It also adjusts well with your dashboard. 

Lightweight and Fast Mount

The gauge is built with aluminum. As a result, it is lightweight. Lightweight gauge means low momentum. Moreover, it is really easy to plug the gauge. 


  • Comes in different diameter size. 
  • Aluminum built, lightweight. 
  • Accurate and fast readings. 
  • 90-degree sweep dial. 
  • 4 different colors modes.
  • Fast mounting. 
  • Shows reading in both PSI and kPa. 


  • Small dial space. 

8. YSTOOL Oil Pressure Tester Kit

Ystool oil pressure tester is a powerful tool to test your oil pressure in an engine. The advanced feature of this pressure tester is that it can measure up to 140 PSI. It has a dual dial giving a reading in PSI and Bar. 

You will also get a 30 days replacement guarantee. Also, there is a 1 year warranty. 


Metal Elbow and Coupler

The tubes couplers are made from brass. This makes it durable. There is also a rubber cover at the end of the L-shaped brass coupler to prevent shock. It is easy to install and easy to use. 

Different Size Adapter

The kit comes with different 10 different size adapters. This makes it universal and can be fit in most vehicle. This also gives good airtight sealing. 

Large Scale Range

The gauge can measure up to 140 PSI. Other simple pressure gauges can measure up to 100 PSI. This gives an additional advantage and measures the oil pressure of any vehicle. Dual dial helps to acquire reading both in PSI and Bar. 


  • Large 3-inch diameter. 
  • Brass elbow and coupler. 
  • Airtight sealing. 
  • Quick mounting. 
  • Dual scale, ranging 0-140 PSI. 
  • 10 adapters to fit every vehicle.
  • Quick and accurate result. 


  • Can’t be seen at nighttime. 

9. LEIMO KPARTS Oil Pressure Tester Kit

Leimo Kparts oil pressure tester kit is one of the most perfect oil pressure tester kits out in the market. The 3-inch big dial makes it easy to see. The adapters make it universal to use in any vehicle. It also comes with a 4 feet long hose pipe made from rubber nylon resin. Also, it can handle up to 300 PSI. 


Metal Couplers

The coupler of this pressure tester is made out of copper. This makes them durable and airtight. It can handle up to 300 PSI. The copper has rubber covers. So, it makes a good shock absorber. 


10 different adapters with numbers make it universal to use at any vehicle. They are durable also. With these adapters, your DIY maintenance becomes easy and long-lasting. 

Fit and Storage

The oil pressure gauge is easy to mount. With a small twist, it mounts and starts to operate. It can handle up to 300 PSI. On the other hand, this gauge comes in a red case. So, you will have effortless portability.


  • 3 inches big dial. 
  • Dual dial shows reading in PSI and Bar. 
  • Copper couplers with shock proof rubber. 
  • Reading scale 0-140 PSI. 
  • 10 different size adapters. 
  • Can handle up to 300 PSI. 
  • 4 feet long tube. 


  • Can’t be seen at night without external light. 

10.  AEM 30-4407 Oil Pressure Gauge

AEM oil pressure gauge is a standard pressure gauge that is efficient and good-looking. It has different bezels for aesthetic looks. Also, it has 24 colors coded for different measurements. It also measures pressure up to 150 PSI. The LED screen gives fast and precise data. 



The 3-digit digital LED display keeps you informed of the condition of your engine oil all the time. It is bright enough to be seen in the sunny daylight. There is 24 color codes that will serve great. 

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The sensor of this gauge is of premium quality. This makes it highly precious and fast. There is no need for additional sensors. The sensor coming with this gauge is fast, rapid, accurate, and precious. 

Changeable Bezel

This gauge comes with 2 different bezels. The color of the bezels is black and silver. You can set whatever color you want and match your style. It can be used without a bezel also. 


  • 52 mm standard big dial. 
  • 3-digit digital display. 
  • 0-5V analog output. 
  • 0-150 PSI range. 
  • 24 color-coded displays. 
  • Changeable bezels. 
  • Accurate and fast results. 


  • Slow reading during cold starts. 

Best Oil Pressure Gauge Buying Guide – Things You Should Know First!

Best Oil Pressure Gauge

There are many kinds of models of Pressure gauges in the market. It is hard to decide which one would be the best. Some key features will decide which ones are the best. The key features are given below: 


The first thing is the accuracy of the gauge. The sensors must be high quality. As getting accurate data is an essential part of knowing your engine condition, the accuracy of the sensors is very important. Otherwise, there will be accidents or your engine will be harmed. 


The second thing is the visibility of the gauge. If the gauge is not visible at night or day, you will not get the data and check if there is something wrong. Also, there should be a night feature to focus on the drive. 


The third thing is durability. It must be durable and must handle high pressure. You don’t want to buy a pressure gauge for only a few months. 


Then comes some looks. If there are some good looks, it will look great in your car. Changeable color will fit the dashboard of your car. You don’t want to buy a tool that will ruin your car’s interior design. 


The other things are price, size, brand, tube length, installation, and scale. Their above things will make a gauge perfect for use. Always buy a pressure gauge looking for these features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where Should Your Oil Pressure Gauge Stay?

Ans: Oil pressure gauge must stay at the middle of the dial. When the engine is idle, the pressure gauge must be not more than 5 PSI. After 20 minutes of running, the pressure gauge goes up to 30-50 PSI. The pressure of engine oil must not exceed 100 PSI, or it will damage your engine. 

Q. How Does The Oil Pressure Gauge Work?

Ans: Electrical pressure gauge has a sensor. The sensor detects the oil pressure of the engine as resistant. Then the signal comes to gauge and shows value. The mechanical gauge uses the pipe as a sensor. The same pressure oil goes through the pipe and the bulb on the pipe wants to straighten. As a result, it moves the dial. 

Q. Why Does The Oil Pressure Gauge Dial Go Up and Down?

Ans: When the car starts to speed up, that means the engine starts to work faster. Faster working needs faster lubrication. So, oil starts to pump more and more in the engine. 

This results in increased oil pressure, and the gauge goes up. When the car decreases, speed oil pressure also decreases. So, the gauge goes down. 

Q. How Do I know If My Oil Pressure Gauge Is Bad?

Ans: If the gauge goes down below 15 PSI while idle, it could mean a bad gauge. On the other hand, if the gauge goes up over 80 PSI while driving, it could mean a bad gauge also. There will be a chance of abnormal engine oil pressure also. So, it will be recommended to check the engine first if you face these situations. 

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A pressure gauge is an essential tool for your car. This shows you the condition of your engine in the blink of an eye. You will be able to detect if there will be a problem in advance and avoid them. 

From my testing of different gauges, these 10-best oil pressure gauges were the best, in my opinion. Try using them if they suit your description. I hope this article helps you. Thank you.