How Much Does It Cost To Paint a Fender?

Bringing variations to your vehicle makes you move in the same wave of the current generation. Especially in a generation with so many innovations and designs surrounding you, your car must look cool enough to cope with that.

And painting as fender will bring a drastic change in the outlook of your car. The central part of painting the fender is its expense.

Hardly you’ll need around $150 to $200 to paint your fender perfectly. For the best quality, you’ll cost around $350 and an additional $100 (approx.) for designs. For a completely new paint and installation, you can wrap it up on $500.

So, don’t ponder how much to paint a fender. Instead, get the stylish texture with your suitable and affordable design.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint a Fender

Paint Needed To Paint a Fender.

Painting the automotive and your usual stuff have never been the same thing. When I was a child, I had the same perception of painting the car parts with the same color used on walls and other works.

Now, I laugh when I recall those moments.

Jokes apart, you have to ensure that you get the best color for your vehicle, be it the parts or the fender. And for that, there are enamel or polyurethane automotive paints available in the market to serve the purpose.

These paints come in spray form in a can. You get to spray them on the body. The tone, vibrance, and nature of the painting vary depending on how much spray your put on the body.

For a long time, purpose polyurethane automotive paints have been preferable. For fender and other associate parts, you can avail the highest efficiency of the paint.

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The prices of the paints range differently in different cases. The brand matter, as well as the platform you’ll be buying it from. Typically, the average price of polyurethane automotive paints ranges from $90 and goes up to $300.

How To Paint a Fender

How Much Does It Cost To Paint a Fender

It is easy to paint a fender but not know how to paint it. As you have a vehicle with a specific color, you need to make sure you get the correct tone of the fender color.

Moreover, the other associate parts’ color must match with it too. Seems a pain to select and categorize them, right?

No need to wait anymore because we have the best guide that’ll lead you to your desired goal to paint a fender.

1. Choose The Color and The Design:

You have your vehicle’s body, rim, hood, etc., with a specific color. Now, when you paint your fender without matching the tones of those parts, it will serve you as a laughing stock.

Keep in mind that there are different codes of a specific color. They don’t match. Instead, their characteristics are different according to the place you reside in. Under such cases, you have to ensure the codes of the color of your vehicle’s body.

Not only the color of your body but also the color of the rim should be considered as well.  But while doing so, you’ll see yourself mismatching either of the parts. That’s where you have to be picky in considering the codes and shades of the color.

2. Sanding and Monitoring The Flares

You cannot paint the fender without dispatching it from the vehicle. So, take a little bit of struggle by removing the fender flares from the vehicles.

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You’ll see some bolts connecting the fender with your vehicle. Unscrew them instantly. Further, you’ll see some chips making the fender hang. Get them out as well.

Now, your fender should’ve been dirty as it has been serving you for quite a time. An all-purpose automotive degreaser will be of great value under the circumstances. Take it on a soft cloth and wipe it down the body of the fender.

After cleaning the fender, you are to sand the whole surface. 200-grit sandpaper will be the preferable paper for the purpose.

3. Coating The Body and Painting

Now it’s time to apply the paint! There’s always a ‘but’ before you perform such tasks. You also have a point here.

Cover the floors and other parts of the car with paper so that the paint doesn’t damage them. Don’t forget to wear a hand glove. Cover your nose if you are not okay with the smell of the paints.

Keeping the paint 1-2 inches away from the surface, spray the primer. Move your hand in a protracted sweeping manner to cover the top parts possible. Continue to do so unless you have covered the entire coat of the surface.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint a Fender

Keep the primer to dry for around 30 minutes. The primer would’ve dried out completely, making a thick texture on the surface.

Now, apply the spray paint on the primer keeping it 1-2 inches away from the surface. Sweep however you want to and get the paint fully painted on the surface.

Whatever you do, avoid doing small sprays. These will create disruption and won’t settle down enough.

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Let the paint dry for an hour. Touch the surface and when you see the paints not coming off the hand, proceed to the second layer.

In the same way, apply the spray paint another time on the surface. This time, you’ll see the paints darker and more solid. Proceed on doing so until you find the color satisfying enough.

Rest the fender for a whole night, and you are ready to use it the very next day.

4. Designing The Body (Optional)

Who doesn’t want to look fancy? If you are up to some design’s attachment on your fender, you can attach some on the surface.

Shape your designs accordingly with paper and keep them on the fender. Then, apply the paint over the gap of the paper which comprises your design. Rest it for an additional 30 minutes, and you get your design ready.

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The cost of painting a fender reduces much when you know how to paint it. A scattered way of doing the work will result in you gaining wasted paints and efforts.

So, before you go on, know how to paint it properly. Don’t let your money go in vain.