How To Identify G80 Differential? Is the G80 Locker Any Good?

Friction is an important concern for trucks, pickups, heavy-duty goods carrying vehicles. Due to lack of exact traction, regular differential vehicles get stuck on muddy, snow, ice or scarce slippery road, which makes it very difficult to pass easily.

Eaton Vehicle Group has designed Eaton G80 locking differential for almost all GM trucks to avoid this kind of problem. The G80 differential provides extra level traction in low-speed situations like mud, ice, and over rocks effortlessly. Also, there are many more advantages, and we will completely discuss how to identify G80 differential topics in this guide.

Besides, we will also discuss many essential things of G80 locking diff, so let’s start our complete guide about the G80 automatic locking differential.

What is a G80 Locker?

The Eaton G80 locker is also known as the Gov-Loc, a true automatic differential locker; it has been included in all GM trucks, SUVs for decades. When one wheel of your vehicle starts spinning 100 rpm faster than the other wheel of the same rear axle shafts, the G80 locker basically becomes activated. This speed difference activates the axles at the same time and makes the locking process.

Is the G80 Locker Any Good?

There are many opinions about the G80 locking axle, but one of its best aspects is appreciated; it provides extra traction in any sticky situation; in these situations, other differentials usually slip. With great traction, it helps you to manage easy vehicles on difficult roads, as well as to prevent calling tows.

How to Identify G80 Differential?

How To Identify G80 Differential
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Confused about how to tell if you have a g80 differential? Then follow these steps and these steps to help you identify whether your g80 differential lock system is working properly or not.

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Step 1: Jack Both Rear Wheels

First, you need to jack for up both rear wheels of your vehicle from the ground.

Step 2: Slowly Turning the One Wheel

Then hold the rear wheel and keep turning slowly; you can see that another tire has started turning in the opposite direction. That means you will identify that you have a G80 rear locker.

Step 3: Try to Kick Back Suddenly

Then again, grab a rear wheel, turn slow and kick back suddenly; If you can see that another rear wheel is again running in the opposite direction. So that means the G80 rear differential is working smoothly on your vehicle.

How to Identify Limited Slip?

The limited slip is very easy to find; you will see it in the maximum field with the differential attached to the rear wheel of your pickups trucks. Here you can follow the following two simple steps to identify limited slip properly.

Step 1: Rise Both Rear Wheel

Rise both rear-wheel parts of your vehicles using Jack. Lift the vehicle from the ground in such a way that you have enough space to check the differential.

Step 2: Check the Outside of Differential Properly

Then you check around the differential properly. You will see a steel tag where you can see the limited slip diff and other essential numbers, which you can easily share with anyone.

How Do I Test My G80 Locker?

If you want to test whether your G80 locker differential is working properly or not, then follow these simple processes.

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First, lift the two back wheels of the vehicles from the ground with the help of a jack as in our previous process. Then grab a wheel; first, you have to turn the wheel a little speed and kick back immediately; that is, you have to do sudden acceleration.

If you notice that the wheel on the opposite side stopped immediately, and the direction in which you are turning the wheel on your side, and the wheel on the other side is still turning in the opposite direction, that means your vehicle G80 locking rear differential is correct. It is working.

At What Speed ​​Does the G80 Unlock?

It is not specifically mentioned anywhere what speed G80 rear end unlock. If you have an unmodified locker, then you can run your wheel at 100mph speed smoothly, it will still be locked. But with an unmodified locker, you can’t rotate both tires more than 25mph at the same time.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What Gear Ratio is a G80?

Though there are many ways to know GM RPO Codes and Axle Ratio Identification, but we suggest an easy way.

Does GM Still Use the G80?

GM pickups still use the G80 locker on most models of truck SUVs. The great thing is that currently, a variety of other vehicle models, including Yukon XL and Suburban, Canyon and Chevy Colorado, Tahoe and Yukon, Sierra and Silverado, Escalade, and many more, offer the G80 locker option. Many models have made alternatives and arrangements for it.

How Do I Find the Axle Ratio on Silverado?

It is a very simple process, first separately count the teeth and pinions in the ring gear, then divide the number of the pinion with the number of ring gear teeth, then the result you get is the axle ratio.

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How Fast is The Genesis G80?

In every 3.5 liter unit, the Twin Turbo produces 530 Nm and 375 HP, with launch control as well as 60 mph sprint in 5.4 seconds.

Which is Better Equus vs Genesis?

If you are looking for vehicles with comfortable and affordable luxury features within your budget, the Hyundai Genesis is a great option for you. On the other hand, if the budget does not matter to you, looking for vehicles with complete luxury and advanced level features, then undoubtedly Hyundai Equus are great options. So in the case of investment, you have to choose considering performance, features and costing.

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Final Verdict

In this guide, our team tried to explain completely; how the G80 locking differential works, how to identify G80 differential and many more information about the G80 differential. I hope you will get a complete guide about all these relevant topics.