How To Make Your Car Untowable

Not so long before when I had to hear much from my neighbor because of my car’s towing. Even at the office, my car used to collide with my colleague’s one. Living in low land, it was difficult for me to park my car.

It was a must for me to know the issue and get the solution. As I pondered, I opened the encyclopedia of car towing and its solution. And indeed, I succeeded in that.

With just a handful of solutions, I was able to get the best out of all. 

When you are looking for how to make your car untowable, you must know the settings of your car. Most cars come with manual settings to keep them stable. If yours has such, you can imply it ideally.

Otherwise, many other externals can be used to keep your car not towable. Here, we present you with a guide with our expert mechanics on making your car untowable.

How To Make Your Car UntowableFew Tips That Can Help

Seeing your car getting towed again and again is not something holistic. You would never want to remain with the tension whether your car is in a stable position in the parking or not.

Going straight to the solutions, we have some tricks for you to make your car untowable; at best, it’ll keep your car confined to its usual position. Let’s see what we got for you.

1. Park With Wheel Touching The Curb

This is the most feasible and cost-friendly solution among all. You just need to ensure a curb and park your car’s wheels against it. All kinds of reverse movement of the car get eliminated due to the curb’s resistance.

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Only the supported wheel by the curb makes it untowable. If your car’s front wheel is without any support, it still can be towed towards its direction.

2. Feasible Parking

Most of the time, you have seen people parking their cars in between two cars. This is not a myth but a fact for a reason.

When you park your car amid two vehicles, your car is getting external support by default. There remain no chances of your car moving forward or backward being in a sandwich position.

Thus, you are getting your car untowable with proper positioning in parking. But yes, you also have to ensure that a curb or relevant thing holds the supportive cars.  Otherwise, it will disrupt the whole place.

3. Changing The System of Your Car

While you park your car, you can make it not towable with its internal system and settings. The most convenient way is to set the parking brake. This makes the car fully steady and firm to its place.

Another thing you can do is to keep the wheels in the same direction. Any kind of push will never be able to change the track of the wheels. Thus, your car gets to remain in its usual position calmly.

Keep in mind that none of these will make your car fully untowable. Instead, it resists your car from towing at its very best. Also, it makes it difficult for the car to move under such circumstances.

4. Using Parking Boot

There is a specific wheel holder in the market. These are used for temporary purposes to hold your car’s wheel and refrain it from moving. They are known as parking boot, as it acts as a boot to your car’s wheel.

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Using the parking boot can be beneficial to stop your car’s towing. Once you fit the boot on the wheel, it grabs the wheel and retracts them to itself. Then the wheel rests on the parking boot, and it is the responsibility of the boot to hold it.

The method is quite simple. When you use it regularly, you might get it damaged after a while. Thus, it will cost you some more to get a new one. Yet, at times the durability of the parking boot raises questions.

Other than that, the object is highly recommended, and the result is compelling.

How To Make Your Car Untowable


1. Can you make a car fully untowable?

A car cannot be made 100% untowable. Instead, you can take measures to restrict it from towing and moving by external pulling. On one side it makes the car confined to its place, on the other hand, you parking becomes precise at the first place.

2. Can you tow a car with wheels turned on?

Turning your wheels on will not make your car untowable. It might resist some force but will do nothing against a tow truck. So, for the best level, the method is of no value.

3. What is the ideal way to restrain a car from repositioning?

Just park your car in the garage. That’s it. This is the most ideal and influential way to keep your car in a stable position. Parking here and there will raise your car’s effectiveness to lose its path and will repose.

4. Does towing all-wheel-drive car damage your car?

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Towing an AWD car with its wheels touching the road will destroy the drive train. There is no alternative to the problem. You’ll be costing heavily for that later.

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Final Words

It is not ideal to see your car getting towed away. Not getting proper parking of your car also raises dispute to your thoughts. That’s why it is necessary to know how to make your car untowable.

Remember that the solutions described will never make your vehicle fully untowable. Instead, it assures you to keep your car as tight as possible in its place. It stabilizes the car’s position to remain in the same way further.