How To Start a Chevy Truck Without The Key: Step By Step Process

A lot of times, it happens, you have lost your chevy truck’s key somewhere, or you have an emergency situation where you may have to hotwire a chevy truck. But the big question is how to start a chevy truck without the key?

You may have seen in the movie that a thief can easily start any vehicle without any key by connecting two cables under the steering column. Which made you query is it really easy to start a car without a key?

According to most professional mechanics, before making the electronic locking and computing systems in car chevy trucks, it was much easier to start a car without a key. But at the present time, the chevy truck locking system has developed a lot, due to which when you are trying to start a chevy truck without a key, you have to deal with the central locking systems, which are directly connected to the locking mechanism.

How To Start a Chevy Truck Without The Key

How To Start a Chevy Truck Without The Key
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Well, don’t worry, with the help of this screwdriver, you can easily start the 94 chevy truck, 96 chevy truck, and 99 chevy truck and other chevy and GM trucks. So let’s see how do you start a chevy truck with a screwdriver step by step process.

What You’ll Need?

  • A Safety Glass
  • A Large Screwdriver

Step 1:

  1. First, wear safety glasses for your safety, then take a large screwdriver with you.
  2. Set the emergency brake in the first step and put it in Park transmission.
  3. Turn the ignition key into the first position.

Step 2: 

Find the starter behind the engine bell housing, then at the top of the starter, correctly identify the solenoid and wires. As you can see, the smaller wire is connected to the ignition circuit, while the larger red wire is directly connected to the battery.

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Step 3: 

In the final step, then slide the rubber caps from the wire terminal. Then place the tip of your screwdriver in the threads of the large terminal. After that, hold the screwdriver in its position and push the metal stem against the other threaded terminal properly.

Hold the screwdriver in place until the engine starts properly; you may get a small spark when the engine starts.

How To Hotwire a Chevy Truck?

How To Start a Chevy Truck Without The Key: Step By Step Process

Most of the chevy or other truck owners use the 1990’s or older models, the process of unlocking the system is a bit easier, so you can simply start in the process shown below. Differently, you can apply the process in modern trucks and vehicles.

What You’ll Need?

  • A screwdriver
  • A Wire Stripper
  • An Electrical Tape

Step #1:

First, take a screwdriver just like our previous method, then insert it directly into the ignition system at the keyhole. Then turn the screwdriver; in most cases, the car will not start. However, the model of the old vehicle is already going to be started. So if it doesn’t start, there is no reason to worry; we have to go a little further, so continue the next steps.

Step #2:

To access the wires of the ignition system:

  1. Take the help of a screwdriver. If you see properly, you can see a few screws with the cover of the steering column.
  2. Remove these screws with the help of a screwdriver. You can then easily remove the cover of the steering column.
  3. Safely pull out the cables from the access panel.
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Step #3:

You can see the cables brought out from the access panel in 3 separate bundles with different colors. These three bundle cables are for warmer and wipers, car lights, and the battery and ignition.

Our primary focus will be on the battery and ignition system, so you must first figure out which cables belong to the ignition system and which cables belong to the battery system. In most cases, the ignition system wires are of different colors, so it is challenging to find. You can search online the model of your chevy, or you can see the chevy user manual. On the other hand, you can see the cable of the battery line in red colors.

Step #4:

After finding both battery and ignition system cables, use a good quality wire stripper to cut some insulation from both wires, then grab the ends of both wires by hand and twist them together with the help of fingers. After properly combined, you can see that your radio, ignition system, and light are all already turned ON. However, your car has not started yet because you have to go one step further.

Then find the starter cable of your chevy. And cut the insulation from its edge. Then touch the starter end with the joining part of the battery and ignition system, you will see that your car has started. Be careful, do not twist the starter with the battery and ignition system.

Step #5:

Finally, to avoid any kind of shock or accident, cover the joining part with the help of an electric cable.

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Note: Simply untwist the jointing of the battery and ignition system to turn off your chevy truck.

If you are not successful in the above process, and if you are in an emergency situation, then take a cordless drill and a drill of the keyhole size and length so that the drill can simply enter. Then to break the locking pins, drill a few times inside the keyhole with the help of your drill. Then insert the screwdriver into the hole. Then you start the car; maybe this time your vehicle is started.

Many cars have special steering wheel lock features. That’s why hot wiring or screwdriver or no matter which process you use, you may not be successful.

Final Verdict

The process of showing how to start a chevy truck without the key is basically shown to you for use in emergency situations and if you do not have anyway. However, you should not try to do this on a regular basis because it is a very risky process. If you do something wrong in the wrong direction, it has a high chance that electrical shock or fire can ignite and destroy the whole system, so keep your safety in mind.