TOYOTA Matrix Hubcaps Falling Off? How To Keep Hubcaps Solution

One of the biggest unpleasant problems of Toyota Matrix is ​​suddenly its hubcaps falling off. Almost all Matrix owners have faced this problem. However, manufacturers are reluctant to accept the case.

It is incredibly distasteful when you come from a journey and notice that your TOYOTA Matrix hubcaps falling off (it can happen to any vehicle). So it is essential for all owners to know how to keep hubcaps from falling off rather than repeatedly replacing them.

This guide is made for TOYOTA Matrix and almost all vehicle owners who are looking for how to keep center caps from falling off solution. First, let’s know what causes hubcaps to fall off.

Why Do Hubcaps Fall Off? [TOP 5 Causes]

what causes hubcaps to fall off

There are many causes for failing your hubcaps; we have listed some top reasons below, which will help you get a helpful concept. It also will help you stay alert.

i. Installation: Due to the wrong installation, mostly wheel covers have to face issues like loosening. The main culprits behind your improper installation are cracking or bending clips. Be sure to check your hubcap clips during installation. Also, ensure that your hubcaps are appropriately attached.

ii. Design Defects: Some hubcaps are falling off due to the design negligence of vehicle manufacturers. Though most designers pay attention to performance in the field of vehicle design, sometimes they do not pay so much attention to the holding of small aspects like hubcaps, due to which these issues have to be faced later.

You will notice that many vehicles’ hubcap clips holding capacity are very weak, which is why this happens repeatedly. In this case, you may need to change the complete wheels.

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iii. Wrong Removal: In most cases, we use the wrong tools in the field of wheel repairing, which damages the hubcap clips, which later becomes a reason for wheel covers falling off.

Remember, never use a screwdriver to remove the wheel’s cover; it may break or crack the hubcap clips. Try using tools like wide flat edges or hubcaps tools.

iv. Bent Clips: If your hubcaps have bent clips, we suggest you replace them. Because due to the bent clips, many times, the hubcaps fall off while the vehicle is running.

v. Curb Damage: Sometimes, you may face curb damage, which results in scratches on the outside of the hubcaps. Later, when your vehicle wheels run in any adverse conditions, there are chances of being badly damaged.

TOYOTA Matrix Hubcaps Falling Off [Solution]

To protect your Toyota Matrix wheel covers from falling off, you can follow the process shown below; it will help you immensely.

Step 1: Position The Hubcaps Clips

Currently, depending on the manufacturing, most hubcaps are made of retention devices such as plastic or steel clips. So first, you have to ensure that your hubcaps’ clips fit in the perfect position. Also, check whether lug nuts hold it or not. If it is a bold type clip, then ensure that all the clips and lug nuts are pretty suiting.

Step 2: Clean Lubrication From Hubcap Fits

Properly clean the lubrication where you will equip the hubcaps on the wheels. Because if any portion of lubricant is left in the fitting area, it will cause your hubcaps to slip out of position. Then it can be the main cause of your hubcaps falling off.

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Step 3: Wrap Clip-on Retainers

After that, clip the wheel covers in their proper place and check whether it stays in place properly or not. Then wrap the clip-on retainers four to five times with plastic electrical tape to ensure better.

This will make the clip fit more appropriately and stay, preventing accidental falling off.

hubcaps for toyota matrix

FAQs About TOYOTA Matrix Hubcaps

Why Do My Hubcaps Keep Falling Off?

There are several reasons behind hubcaps falling off; one of them is the design flaws of manufacturers. Though most vehicle brands are very careful about the design of all aspects, starting from the engine, they do not pay much attention to the hubcaps holding clips of their wheels, due to which many owners have to face this issue.

Also, your vehicle’s cover may fall off due to bent clips and other causes. In this case, you can repair bent clips if you want. Otherwise, you can replace it entirely with new wheel covers that don’t fall off.

Is It Ok To Drive Without Hubcaps?

The short answer is “Yes.” If you want, you can drive your vehicle without wheel covers. Basically, hubcaps do not affect your vehicle’s performance; they just give the wheels attractiveness and some protection.

So if you can’t fix the wheel covers falling off issue even after applying all the tricks, then you can remove it permanently and drive the car if you want. But I would recommend you not to remove the hubcaps.

How Do You Remove Old Hubcaps?

Removing old wheel covers is pretty simple; you don’t need to use any complicated tools. You can apply the simple process shown below.

  • First, take a good look around the hubcaps, and try to detect any bolts or lugs. In most cases, you can find lug nuts in the center of the tires.
  • Next, take a wrench and stretch to loosen the lug nuts a bit. After log nuts are slightly flexible, loosen the lug nuts by hand.
  • Since these are old hubcaps, you can use a screwdriver to remove them and try to loosen them a bit around the hubcaps. Next, use a flat head screwdriver to pull the hubcaps until it reaches the endpoint.
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Final Verdict

Undoubtedly hubcaps are an essential part of your vehicle’s wheels; it always protects your wheels from rocks and debris on the road. It also helps to deal with various crucial situations.

However, sometimes your hubcaps are falling off accidentally due to some mistake, so you have to be very careful. In this TOYOTA matrix hubcaps falling off guide, we have tried to show what causes hubcaps to fall off. Also, we have shown the best way to keep hubcaps from falling off. I hope our guide helped you a lot.